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Championing the cause of the local development community since 2010

ADPS is a non-profit organisation aimed at advancing property-related knowledge, sharing valuable experiences, pushing boundaries as well as forming new friendships through networking among its members. Over the past few years we have invited various government leaders and respected industry speakers to share their knowledge and experiences as leaders in their industries.

The ADPS community aims to champion the cause of the local property development industry and maintain a consistently high standard of practice amongst our membership. In addition it strives for a sustainable future for the local industry.

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Our Vision

As one of the most respected industry associations in Indonesia, we aim to harness the vast human potential and ingenuity in our field to solve some of Indonesia’s most challenging problems, (such as the national housing affordability crisis), and champion causes that contribute to the advancement of our nation locally and globally. We are also about creating jobs, providing a livelihood for Indonesian, and fostering the development of creative innovations that power our economy.

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Our Vision

Building Character

We believe that lasting success begins within. It commences with the bedrock foundation of a mature character. At ADPS we focus on building a community based on the lasting virtues of integrity, humility and generosity. We'd like to be known as a community that continually adds value to the life and journey of its members.

Fostering Entrepreneurship

Dreams are just dreams until someone wakes up and realizes them. Entrepreneurship is the cornerstone of a country's economy. In our community, we continue to foster an entrepreneurial culture that desires to push the common boundaries, innovate, achieve and persist in spite of trials and difficulties.

Empowering Leadership

Our greatest asset is neither our experience nor our resources - it's none other than our people. Management is about persuasion but leadership is about inspiration. We aim to raise great leaders within the industry because everything we do, rises or falls with leadership.

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